Hickory Chance Farms
Bel Air, Maryland
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Why Hickory Chance Farms

Our Beef is Home Raised

All animals raised on our farm are from our own herd stock. The Angus
are purchased to improve breeding genetics.

No Drugs, Hormones or Implants

All our beef is raised naturally with no feed additives other than our
home grown non-GMO corn silage, alfalfa/orchardgrass hay,minerals,
vitamins and grass are also part of their diet. Cattle are allowed access
to pasture, rather than confined in a crowded feedlot.

No animal by-products have ever been fed in the last 100 years on this

The feeding mix consists of ground shelled corn, vitamins, minerals,
non-GMO corn silage, alfafa/orchardgrass hay and haylage.

Our cattle are harvested young, 18-20 months of age.

All meat is Federally inspected and only healthy animals are
processed. Mad Cow Disease BSE is not a concern with Hickory
Chance Beef. The cattle herd is maintained in excellent health, free of
two common viral diseases, and free from the deadly O157 H7 strain of
E coli as tested by federal health inspectors.

The Nutrition in Beef

If you are looking for a good food that can be considered a
“multivitamin”, you need to look no further than beef. Three of the key
nutrients are Zinc, Iron, and Protein – also known as "ZIP".

According to the USDA, a 3-ounce serving of beef supplies 50% of the
daily recommendation for protein, 14% of the iron, and 39% of the zinc
– all for just 10% of a 2,000 calorie diet.

The same serving provides 37% of the daily recommendation of B-12,
16% of B-6, 18% of Niacin, and 12% of Riboflavin. All that in a package
that a vitamin pill would find hard to beat!

Our Cattle's Nutrition

Our cattle have access to free choice grain from birth to market live
weight which is about 1300 to 1450 pounds for the commercial market
and 1050 to 1150 lbs for the home retail market.

The lighter weights mean younger (about 14-20 months old) animals
and the grain will insure more favorable meat. No growth hormones are
implanted or fed.

University research has proven that feeding a consistent feed and
eliminating the stress of weaning and change of nutrition from pasture
to feedlot is the best way to achieve marbling in the meat.

What You Should Know About Commercial Meat

Argentina beef is recognized for its tenderness. The steers are
marketed at 880 pounds and heifers at 550 pounds live weight. They
will be about 12-16 months old and are implanted with growth
hormones at 8 months of age. Their diet is mostly grass with some
supplemental feed.

US Mid-West feedlot beef will be marketed when their live weight is
1350 to 1450 pounds. They are also implanted with growth hormones
usually at 6 months and again at 10 months of age and marketed at 18-
27 months old.

Pasture fed beef takes 28 – 36 months to reach market weight of 1300
lbs. Pasture only fed beef claims to be lean but lacks tenderness and
Our Beef has Won

Supreme Beef Heifer at
both Harford County
and MD State Fairs.

Champion Simmental
Bull at MD State Fair &
Eastern National
Livestock Show.

Champion Cow/Calf at
Harford County and MD
State Fair.