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Bel Air, Maryland
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Buying Beef by the Side

Buying beef can result in significant cost savings. But savings are not always realized and
the quality of the beef may vary. Therefore, careful consideration must be given to these
purchases in terms of cost, quantity, quality, variety, family needs and preferences.

Cost and Quantity

The amount of take-home beef and cost per pound of the side of beef are two important
considerations for potential beef buyers. Beef is often advertised and sold on a "hanging
weight" basis. This does not represent the take-home beef.

In processing, there is a considerable amount of cutting loss. This amount varies and can be
much greater than expected. Processing procedures and the amount of external fat trim
affect the amount of cutting loss. It is not unusual to have 25 to 30 percent of the hanging
weight of a carcass or side as cutting loss.

This would mean that if a side of beef weighed 300 pounds hanging weight, there would be
only 210 to 225 pounds of beef in terms of trimmed retail cuts for the freezer. Assuming 25
percent cutting loss, 300 pounds x 25 percent = 75 pounds of fat, bone, shrink and other
losses. So, 300 pounds - 75 pounds would be 225 pounds of take-home beef.
Our Prices (effective 5/17/2015)

Hickory Chance Beef LLC, Bel Air, MD (60% - 100% Angus Beef)

Grass and grain fed, grain finished, tasty, natural Angus cross beef        
Side (cut to order includes cutting, wrapping and freezing) about 250- 325 pounds   CALL FOR PRICE

Delmonico (Ribeye)        
Club Steak        
NY Strip (Boneless)        
Sirloin Tip (without bone)       
Sirloin (Boneless)        
London Broil (chuck blade steak)        
Skirt Steak        
Bavette Steak       
Flat Iron Steak


Rump/Bottom Round/Top Round/Sirloin Tip   
Boneless Chuck       
Eye Round

Ground Beef and Miscellaneous
Extra - Lean Ground Beef        

Extra - Lean Beef Patties       
Beef Cubes/Kabobs        
Short Ribs/Soup Meat       
Soup Bones        

Marrow Bones        
Beef Jerky 3 oz./Mild or Sweet Beef Sticks     



Heat and Eat
Package Options - weights approximate
Option 1: $100 Package (Steaks)

1 lb. Delmonico (Ribeye) Steak         
1 lb. T-Bone         
2-3 lbs. Sirloin Tip with bone - guarantee 5 lbs of sirloin         
2-3 lbs. Sirloin Tip without bone         
1 lbs. ground beef         

Option 2: $100 Package (Mixed Roast, Steak & London

1 lb Delmonico (Ribeye) steak       
3 lbs. Bottom Round Roast         
3 lbs. Eye Round Roast         
1 lbs. Ground Beef         
3 lbs London Broil         
Option 3: $100 Package (Filet of Mignon & Steak)

1 lbs. of Filet of Mignon         
1 lb. of New York Strip        
1 lb. Bavette
1 lb Sirloin
1 lb PorterHouse /T-Bone
1 lb Ground Beef        

Option 4: $100 Package (Sampler)

1 lb. Delmonico (Ribeye) Steak         
1 lbs. Club or Sirloin Steak         
3 lbs. Eye Roast         
2 lbs. Ground Beef         
1 lbs. Ground Beef Patties         
1 lb. Beef Cubes/Kabobs, 1 lb. Skirt Steak, 1 lb. Chip Steak
(for subs)