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All cuts of Hickory Chance Beef LLC are dry-aged, vacuum-packed and quick frozen. All cuts are available for sale from our mobile unit that has been certified by Harford County MD Health Department. Our beef is Federally Inspected. We use certified scales. And all our beef is born and raised on our Bel Air Farms.

Our Genetics

We use angus crossed animals. Crossing the breeds gives you the best of both types of animals. Crossing decreases the chances of inbreeding. We are creating a hybrid herd of Simmental and Limousine angus crosses. Marbling of the beef is better in crosses. The beef industry is going towards crossbreeding.

The Facts About Our Beef

All our beef is raised naturally with no feed additives other than our home grown corn and roasted soybeans that are ground to make dry feed. Hay, corn silage and grass are also part of their diet. Cattle are allowed access to pasture, rather than confined in a crowded feedlot.

No animal by-products have ever been fed in the last 100 years on this farm.

The feeding mix consists of ground shelled corn, vitamins, minerals, dry molasses, barley and roasted soybeans.

Our cattle are harvested young, 14-20 months of age.

All meat is Federally inspected and only healthy animals are processed.

Mad Cow Disease BSE is not a concern with Hickory Chance Beef, LLC as we raise our own cattle in a closed herd.

The cattle herd is maintained in excellent health, free of two common viral diseases, and free from the deadly O157 H7 strain of E coli as tested by federal health inspectors.